Dec 17, 2009

Such A Kind Friend

I have a friend who really knows how to serve a mommy with a newborn second child.

When Madelene Kate was just 2 weeks old, we had a warm day in between wet and cold ones. Gretchen called to ask if she could come over to our neighborhood and take James to the tot lot with her 3 year old and 1 year old. She kept James outside for more than an hour, playing hard and getting him good and tired for his nap.

Today, we had a Mommy's Group scheduled. I wanted to go, but really need to run some errands and get some Christmas stuff done. Gretchen e-mailed and then called to see if it would serve me for her to pick up James on her way by.

James was quite excited to go with her. He kept asking, "Where's Gretchen?" while waiting rather impatiently. And then when she arrived, he ran out to her car very happily.

Gretchen, THANK YOU for serving me so generously! I am off to Costco with just one instead of two. What an enormous blessing.

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