Oct 23, 2009

3-Yr-Old Stats

I am so far behind in updating. There is much more fun stuff to write about. And I do have plenty of pictures to post. But for the moment, I want to be sure these all-important stats find their place in the history books (especially before I lose the paper from the doc).

James had his 3-year-appointment with our pediatrician today - just 10 days late. I completely forgot about scheduling it! He was very chatty with the doctor and very happy to be there. As we left, he even said, "Sank you, Mommy, for taking me to see Dr. N." So precious!

So without further ado, here are our boy's measurements:
Weight: 32 lbs (50th%)
Height: 38 3/4 in (75-90th%)
BMI: 15
BP: 96/66
Pulse: 92