Jan 14, 2010

I am a slacker...

Time flies these days. I can hardly believe that our Madelene Kate is already a day past her 8 week birthday. I have thought numerous times throughout most days that I needed to post something. And sadly now I don't know what I was going to post or when.

With James, I was so good about recording every detail of his first year on a calendar. I haven't noted anything about his sister anywhere - except her birth story and that she smiled before she was four weeks old. Poor girl!

If anyone is still reading this blog, I know you're not really interested in reading anything from me - what you want are pictures. Sad to say, I don't have any available at the moment. What's worse is that I haven't taken many of Madelene Kate at all... mostly what pictures I have taken are of James in the three snows we've enjoyed so far this winter. Oh - and some at Christmas - although not many.

So I will get busy (one of these days) and post some pictures. And I'll try to do a better job of posting milestones from our children's lives... for their sakes and yours!