Nov 12, 2010

Our sweet son

Just five minutes ago, as I was picking up some of James' craft supplies, we ran across the birthday card given to him by our friend "Uncle John." I read the card to James and we looked at it together for a minute. Then I went back to tidying, and James went about his business. He was writing on the back of the card - something he's been doing since signing birthday cards for my parents. So I didn't think much of it. When I tuned back in to him, I heard him say, "tr - tr- train. I need to spell train."

I looked down. Immediately tears sprang to my eyes as I read what he had written - all on his own, with no assistance from me:


He had written a thank-you note to Uncle John for the train car John had given him for his birthday.

(and with only the reminder that it needed a "silent I", he finished the sentence by himself!)

More than the fact that he wrote the sentence is the sweetness of seeing his grateful heart. What a gift to be this little boy's mommy!