Dec 11, 2009

Pictures from Madelene Kate's first day

The very first picture we were able to take of our precious girlie - before a bath. (Mommy thinks she's beautiful!)

Although my mom was the first person to hold her, the camera hadn't come in yet, and I'm so disappointed that we didn't get to record it.

My good-looking husband: the proud daddy of a daughter!

My dad - Madelene Kate's Papa

A very happy mommy with her darling girlie

Bea & Uncle Kurt drove all the way down to meet our their newest niece and then drove home again. What a kind gift to us!

This is "Emmy" (our friend Kim) who works in the HR Dept at the hospital. She got to come up at the end of the day to meet Madelene Kate.

Ben's mom - happy Grammy!
Yay for evening visitors! Aunt Katie, Oma (Katie's mother-in-law), Grammy and Aunt Elizabeth (a close friend of our family) all came at the same time. Opa came, too, but didn't get in on the picture. Thank you all for coming to rejoice with us!

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