Dec 14, 2009

Happy Girl

Madelene Kate smiled today.

True - she's not even four weeks old.

But there was no mistaking it - she grinned up at me while I was holding her. And when I smiled back, hers widened. Then while James held her a bit later, she broke into a bright happy grin. This evening, she smiled at me again, and this time, Ben was there to see.

Our girlie has been so pleasant since her birth, with a sweet countenance that certainly looked like smiles even from her first day. Here she is with each of her Grammys...

with Ben's mom, six days old

with my mom, twelve days old

1 comment:

  1. I am in tears as I look at these wonderful pics and think of the way she came in to the world and think of the true woman that Debbie really is! Don't know if I could have pulled that off with such grace and confidence! We love you guys!