Dec 5, 2009

Big Brother

A little boy at our house loves that he gets to be a big brother to a darling baby sister.

There's hardly a time when we pray that he doesn't pipe up in the middle of it to say, "And sank you for the baby..."

He takes every opportunity to give her kisses, to hug her, to snuggle.

Each morning, he comes running into our room to greet the two of us while she nurses - "Good morning, Mommy. Good morning, Madelene Kate."

He finds every way he can to help me - stocking diapers in various places around the house so they're always handy, putting dishes by the sink or in the dishwasher whle I nurse her after he and I eat lunch, bringing me the diaper bag so I can change her wherever I happen to be at the moment, taking diapers to the trash...

Our dear friend and Care Group Leader's wife, Jonalee, came over on our first morning home to take some pictures of our three-day-old girlie. But what would that shoot have been without a very proud and adoring big brother?

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