Nov 17, 2009

So Much Like Labor With James

It's almost weird how much this labor is like my labor with James. 

I still remember that day three years ago as if it were yesterday... hanging out in the basement all night while Ben slept, taking a shower and having the contractions slow down, crawling back into bed only to have a phone call come that got me back up. 

Then I made a big breakfast for Ben. And around 11:00 I went to my neighbor's house to hang out. During that hour, Susan started timing my contractions. At 12:15, she sent me home to call the doctor - contractions were 5 minutes apart and lasting a full minute each. We were in the car on the highway by 1:20. Ben was on the phone with his boss.

My doctor checked me, and I was 3 cm. He sent me next door to the hospital. They had a bed ready for me by 2:30, and I had progressed to 4-5 cm. My sister arrived. Ben's mom arrived. My parents arrived. The grandparents waited with my 10-month-old niece in the waiting room. Barbara joined us for the delivery.

Around 4:30, the OB checked me and I was 8 cm. She broke my water (hospital policy). And all at once, although my contractions up until then had not been very painful, suddenly everything hurt. Thankfully, in half an hour I was fully dilated and ready to push. Oddly, at that point, all pain melted away. I pushed for 20 minutes, and out came our precious son.

So far, things have been pretty similar... even to the timing. 

Around 9:30, we took James over to Eliza's house. My parents will probably be on the road pretty soon. I think I might go for a walk since Susan is now working and not home for me to go hang out with! 

My biggest disappointment is learning just now that the hospital has a new policy in place because of the swine flu that only two people are allowed in the delivery room (usually it's four). So this means that my sister isn't able to join us. I'm really sad that she won't be there, especially since it's her birthday. (We'll miss you, Dolly!)

Thanks for your continued prayers. If you would, please pray for things to pick up and keep progressing.

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  1. I'm more sad than I can say, that I won't be able to be with you to hold your hand and have this precious memory with you. As I type there are tears at the thought of you and me not sharing this one, but I must trust God's Sovereignty.
    Know that I so wish I was there, and you are in my CONSTANT thoughts and prayer... God is holding your hand! (And way better than I could!)
    I love you all so much,