Nov 17, 2009

Maybe tomorrow?!

This baby sure seems happy to be hanging out... contractions slowed mid-day to once every 15 minutes even while I laid down to nap - but they remained strong. 

They picked up again when Ben and I went for a walk. And after Mom & Dad arrived, Mom and I went for another walk. Good strong contractions while we were out. But they slowed again once we came inside. But they are strong when they come.

God knows what this baby's birthday is supposed to be. It's a good thing to trust Him!

I'll definitely post again before we leave for the hospital. And there is wi-fi in the birthing rooms, so Ben can post even there.

Thank you for praying. 


  1. i've been wondering and praying for you! i almost stopped by to check on you after school, but i had some tired kiddos in tow. :) thanks for keeping us posted! love ya!

  2. glad for an update, so thanks. praying for you and hoping this baby comes soon! love you.

  3. Hey! Glad I can track with ya and know how things are progressing. I am praying for you and just so excited for you guys!