Nov 17, 2009

39 weeks 2 days

Good Morning!

(Happy Birthday, Bea! It seems like we are going to give you a special gift today. Now one question remains: will you receive a niece or another nephew? We eagerly await the announcement with you!)

I think I might officially be in labor.

Being "advanced maternal age" (since my 35th birthday fell one day before my due date), I have enjoyed weekly ultrasounds and 15-20 minute fetal monitoring at my doctor's office for the past month. Today, the tech noted that I was having "hard contractions" every 4 minutes. I felt them, but they didn't hurt at all. And the doctor didn't seem to think much of them.

After he checked me, he said I "remained unchanged from last week - still 50% effaced and 2 cm dilated." He told me to go into labor and come see him in the hospital on Wednesday.

So I came home to my boy and his Grammy, still having contractions, but not paying attention to them at all.

Right around 9 p.m., I noticed an intensity in the growing tightness of my belly. And I commented on it to Ben. I went into the kitchen to finish up the dishes and to make sure Ben's coffee and lunch were ready for Tuesday (now "today."). Then I sat down at the computer to send a few e-mails.

Ben went upstairs to bed, and I soon followed. I finally fell asleep around 10:30 but was awakened at 12:15 by another contraction. For an hour, I tried to go back to sleep while at the same time trying to time the contractions. Right.

So I decided to get up and blog about my labor.

It is now 2:15 a.m. I am still having regular, somewhat intense contractions. And I feel a bit nauseated. Maybe I've just moved to 3 cm!

I'll post again when anything changes.

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