Sep 12, 2008

Family Vacation

Ben's mom takes the family on vacation the same week every year. We go to a "rustic camp." Right. It's really more of a resort. The camp provides breakfast and dinner daily and housekeeping of our air conditioned room.

Our responsibility: relax - oh - and keep tabs on our busy boy.

We enjoyed kayaking on the lake; a nature center; a train ride by a river.

James quickly discovered how to dampen the sound of the horn blast.

This year, Ben rented a motorboat. James loved it!

He also loved having his Aunt "Nizzy" around for a week.

And his daddy...One afternoon, it suddenly poured. The children were all set to go out on the boat, but instead they ran around and splashed in the puddles.

At the end of the week , we took a picture of the children by the Indian.

Thank you, Mom, for a memorable vacation!

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