Sep 12, 2008

Ben's "Adopted Family" Reunion

About the time Ben started high school, he & his buddy Steve met and became best friends. They have great stories of all the time they spent together working on cars late at night, riding dirt bikes and snowmobiles, working for other people. They lived life to the fullest. 

Over Labor Day every year, Steve's mom's family has a reunion at the homestead. Ben has attended for a long time. I went once after Ben and I were married. And James & I got to go again this year.

James entered little-boy heaven that weekend.

There were dogs.

There was dirt.

There were trucks (the steel kind that have lasted through decades of hard play by busy boys).

And there was a side-by-side.

On Saturday night, they built a huge bonfire and roasted corn.

The weekend was simply beautiful.

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  1. Oh my word! Look at that little boy. He's such a cutie!!! And so big. :) I hope you can keep posting because I so enjoy reading!