Sep 21, 2008

The Dearest Place on Earth

Last Sunday as we approached the building where we worship, James said what sounded to me like, "tsch-uh-tch." I wasn't positive if he had said church, so I repeated it in the sentence, "Yes, James, we are going to church!" He didn't say it again, so I guessed that was the end of it - he must not have said what I'd thought.

But this morning, as we were getting ready to leave the house, our boy surprised me when he said it again. So I repeated my same sentence from last week. 

Then as we crested the hill near our meeting place before he could see it for sure, James inhaled with an excited sound then waited a moment. As his suspicions were confirmed, he excitedly pointed out the window and said with great confidence, "tsch-uh-tch." 

The sweetest moment, though, came when we were leaving today. The service had ended. We had played on the playground. James was contentedly fastened into his carseat. Suddenly our boy became unhappy as we began to drive away. He started pointing and crying as he said, "tsch-uh-tch, tsch-uh-tch" again and again.

As sad as I was for his disappointment in that moment, I felt immense gratitude to see the happiness our boy relates that place already. What a wonderful gift that he enjoys his class and looks forward to being there each week. (And I know it's not the snacks that draw him - he can't eat the crackers!)

So this is a special Thank You to selfless servants like Emily B, Charles, Lena and others who make Toddlers 2 such a special, welcoming place for a little boy whose heart is being positioned to hear the gospel in the years ahead because of your sacrifice and investment.


  1. Thanks for the helpful info about the kefir - I can't wait to see if it comes out. I'm glad to have a friend on the same page when it comes to cooking! It's exciting to see the health benefits to cooking this way. I love all the fermenting and am trying a few new recipes this week. I'll post the outcome on my blog.
    Your little boy is so cute! It encourages me to remember your story. Now that my health is back on track, we hope to start trying soon!

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