Jan 14, 2010

I am a slacker...

Time flies these days. I can hardly believe that our Madelene Kate is already a day past her 8 week birthday. I have thought numerous times throughout most days that I needed to post something. And sadly now I don't know what I was going to post or when.

With James, I was so good about recording every detail of his first year on a calendar. I haven't noted anything about his sister anywhere - except her birth story and that she smiled before she was four weeks old. Poor girl!

If anyone is still reading this blog, I know you're not really interested in reading anything from me - what you want are pictures. Sad to say, I don't have any available at the moment. What's worse is that I haven't taken many of Madelene Kate at all... mostly what pictures I have taken are of James in the three snows we've enjoyed so far this winter. Oh - and some at Christmas - although not many.

So I will get busy (one of these days) and post some pictures. And I'll try to do a better job of posting milestones from our children's lives... for their sakes and yours!


  1. That's not being a slacker, Dear, that's having more than one child! And I sure am in the same place...

    Enjoy your little girl. Love and miss you.

  2. Debbie, I must say this makes me feel better :) I only have Evey and I still have not done anything with her baby book! I need to get on it before it gets too overwhelming. I can remember every morning you filling out James's calander and admiring how tiny and neat handwriting :) All that to say totally understand and can't wait to see some more pics of your beautiful children! Love ya! Oh and thanks for the Christmas card ~

  3. Hey, that little girl had her picture in the paper--that should hold her for the first couple months : ) I have 4 children, you know, and with each addition, the standard in my own mind of the "perfect mom" has dwindled a little bit more. But you know, each child has had a little something different that was special. Only the first got a day-by-day calendar of the first year, the second one got a big brother to entertain her! The third one got a nice portrait at Penny's, and the last one gets EVERYTHING 'cause we knew she'd be the last. Don't feel guilty, just do what you can! If you can manage to get a shower, you've had a productive day : )