Jan 25, 2009

Gospel Moments

Some days I am simply amazed at God's kindness in giving us James. 

I still stand in awe that despite the doctors' clear diagnosis that we would not be able to conceive on our own, God chose to open my womb and granted us a son. Every day I ask for more children. But every day, I wonder at God's gift to us in our precious boy.

Recently, James has again allowed me to sing The Gospel Song. For several months, whenever I tried to sing it, he would fuss and cry and not stand for it - a regular reminder of his unregenerated heart. But now, not only does he let me sing it, James sings with me - and sometimes instead of me! And then he begs for "Jesus Song" - Jesus Loves Me - which he has only heard a handful of times, but can already sing many of the words. He says, "wash 'way sins, Mommy" when he's begging to get to the second verse. How I love to sing him this amazing truth:

Jesus loves me
He who died
Heavens gates to open wide
He will wash away my sins
Let this little child come in

How I pray that our James will one day (soon) trust in Jesus as the only One who can wash away his sins. May he trust in Jesus' blood shed on the Cross as the only way to be washed whiter than snow and to have access to the Father.

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