Feb 23, 2011

12 & 15 month growth info

I don't kid myself into believing that people actually look at my blog. But I don't have anywhere else to keep the stats on my growing children. So I'm posting Madelene Kate's one year and 15-month stats just so I have a record of them somewhere!

12-months (Nov 19, 1010)
Height - 29 1/2 inches
Weight - 20 lbs 13 oz
Head - 46 cm

15-months (Feb 18, 2011)
Height - 30 inches (45th percentile)
Weight - 21 lbs, 5 oz (25th percentile)
Head - 46 1/2 cm (75th percentile)

There is so much to say about everything, including what a precious little girl we have. But alas... there just isn't time right now to post more. Some day, maybe I'll get to put up details & pictures of what each of our children are up to. But this post is the product of trying to rid myself of another piece of paper. Done!


  1. I read, I read!!! And I would LOVE to see pictures!
    Love you guys.