Nov 12, 2010

Our sweet son

Just five minutes ago, as I was picking up some of James' craft supplies, we ran across the birthday card given to him by our friend "Uncle John." I read the card to James and we looked at it together for a minute. Then I went back to tidying, and James went about his business. He was writing on the back of the card - something he's been doing since signing birthday cards for my parents. So I didn't think much of it. When I tuned back in to him, I heard him say, "tr - tr- train. I need to spell train."

I looked down. Immediately tears sprang to my eyes as I read what he had written - all on his own, with no assistance from me:


He had written a thank-you note to Uncle John for the train car John had given him for his birthday.

(and with only the reminder that it needed a "silent I", he finished the sentence by himself!)

More than the fact that he wrote the sentence is the sweetness of seeing his grateful heart. What a gift to be this little boy's mommy!


  1. Wow! What a sweetheart and so smart.

  2. Debbie, I've probably said this before, but your overflowing joy in your kids and all their achievements and milestones is just so, so sweet to behold. I want to be like you, Dear!

  3. Its a heart beaten post love to this thanks

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