May 27, 2010

Maybe she's hungry?

Little miss Madelene Kate seems to be listening.

I've been saying that perhaps we'd have to finally give her big people food when she can sit up and has a tooth. I'd wanted to delay solids as long as I could for a variety of reasons. But with her grabbing at my food and drink, I finally conceded that once she hit these milestones, perhaps I'd have to give in.

Since James didn't get his first tooth until sometime around 8 months, I thought we had a bit of time. I mean, Madelene Kate has been drooling and gnawing on everything since she was just old enough to get her hands in her mouth. So it was anyone's guess when those things would actually mean something.

In the past few days, our girlie has been able to stay in a sitting position for increasing periods of time. She can lean forward and pull herself back up. She can pick up toys and put them in her mouth. But once she starts to lean over to one side, it's still "over she goes" (rather cute, actually!). So obviously, she's making progress on the sitting up part of the deal.

I figured I still had some time.

Even so, I have been faithfully fingering her smooth lower gums every day for several weeks. And guess what met me unexpectedly this afternoon?

A tiny rough edge.


Madelene Kate laughed aloud as I cried in surprise, "You little stinker. You have a tooth!"

So I guess I owe her avocado sometime soon.

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