Apr 18, 2010

5 Months Old

It defies my understanding how time can literally slip away. Days barely seem to begin before they are ending. Suddenly a week is gone. Then I dare to look at my neglected blog and discover a whole month has passed.

Our dear girlie is growing and developing so quickly right now. She is becoming quite proficient with her hands and arms. She can grasp her pacifier and pull it out of her mouth with confidence. But only occasionally can she get it back in the right way! And then she becomes rather distressed when the side of it keeps finding its way between her lips instead of the intended nipple. She loves to grab other objects including hair and noses, too. And she finds lengthy enjoyment in a variety of toys her brother brings to her.

Her current best friend is Millie - the Build-A-Bear doggie that James picked out for her when Grammy P took us there for an Easter treat. At naptime, before she's figured out that she's really tired, she will lie on her back and use her legs to move Millie up to her face. Then she talks to Millie while sucking on her soft ears. Soon after, Millie falls from Madelene Kate's grasp and our little one turns her head to the side and drifts off to sleep. (But sometimes she cries for her pacifier first.)

We are ever so grateful for the lovely weather we've enjoyed here lately. Little Miss and Big Brother and I have spent many mornings outside. James loves the electric 4-wheeler that Grammy has - he's quite the pro at driving and backing up! And Madelene Kate gets to bounce in her Exersaucer while I play ball with James.

Though still not interested in turning over, Madelene Kate has begun to end up almost on her side when she falls asleep. She does NOT like tummy time at all. And between Daddy, Brother and Grammy all being soft on a crying baby, she spends little time there. It doesn't seem to be hindering the rest of her development, though. She can often be seen pulling her head up, trying to draw herself up from a supine position. And two days ago, when I sat her up in a "froggy sit," she stayed up for several minutes!

She seems quite interested in big people food, eagerly watching every bite making it way into our lips. Not too long ago, she pulled my water bottle right into her hands and put it up to her mouth. I helped her tip it enough to bring a bit of water to her lips, and she was delighted! I've told Ben that although I was hoping to wait until she was close to a year before starting solids, if this keeps up, I will probably give her the joys of texture and flavor once she sits up on her own and has a couple of teeth.

On Thursday, I took James to see the pediatrician because of a tight cough, and it turned out he had croup (the real virus). Sadly, on Friday, Madelene Kate developed a yucky runny nose. Her second cold - bummer! But she is such a happy baby, other than a shiny face around her nose and mouth, you would never know she was sick.

James continues to adore his baby sister. He is very good at figuring out what she needs. He frequently runs to put in a pacifier or to let me know she's crying. He hugs and kisses her whenever he gets the opportunity. And he becomes quite distressed whenever anyone jokes about wanting to take her home with them. She in turn watches him with great interest, smiling and laughing when he engages her. I pray every day that they will enjoy an enduring friendship.

What a sweet gift these two children are to their Daddy and me... we are simply amazed by God's favor and kindness.

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