Dec 23, 2008


Our poor boy... he is down with a super yucky cold that developed into double ear infections and a miserable cough. He's had a fever since Friday (it was hanging out around 99.7 until yesterday when it hit 101.9). And today he spent more time lying on the couch than up & about from 10 a.m. to Noon. Very unlike our busy guy.

He had a lunch of 2 clementines and 1/2 a banana plus a few veggie chips and a mouthful of corn bread that I had made this morning for Christmas dinner stuffing. That is the most he has eaten in three days. (And if you have seen our James eat, you know that he usually packs away a full plate of vegetables, shredded meat and sweet potato in one meal.)

Although I try to avoid using them unless absolutely necessary, I am grateful for the gift of antibiotics in these moments. This is only the second time in two years when James has been on antibiotics - both times for ear infections. I pray they work quickly and that he is fully restored to health. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift indeed!

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