Oct 21, 2008


Thursday, as our friend Britt was leaving the house for work, she said, "Bye" to me. Suddenly, a little hand waved and a little voice piped up, clear as a bell, "Bye." Brittany and I exchanged surprised glances. Multiple times during the day when he had the opportunity, our little man of few words would offer, "Bye" in the perfect moment.

On Friday, James started repeating complete words after me. He said whole sentences at four different times during that day. The most memorable was when he wanted to go outside while I was making dinner. He was hanging on me, fussing, and pointing out to the tot lot by our house. I told him to go ask Daddy.  He ran into the other room, so I followed him and said, "James, say, 'Daddy' (Diddy), may (may) I (I) please (peas) go (goh) to (to) the (duh) park (pahk)."

Ben looked at me with surprise and delight in his eyes. "Can you write that down?!"

I can't remember how much James repeated over the weekend, but on Monday, he was very congested, so we were hanging out at home, and a bit bored. I decided to put a couple videos on my mom, sister's and our Facebook sites with James repeating multiple sentences - one word at a time. You can tell he was getting tired by the time we recorded my mom's.

Today, he has asked by name for his friend Dorothy (Dohti) without prompting. And I told him that I was going to make eggs for my breakfast. When I brought my plate to the table about 10 minutes later (after doing some other things in the meantime), he pointed at it and said, "Ahggs." We've never discussed eggs before now! And then he surprised me with one more. While we were eating my eggs (yes, he helped me with them), he became aware of a scratch on his ring finger. He pointed to it, and said, "boo-boo."

Such is the excitement at our house these days.

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  1. Debbie, I am so excited that James has turned a corner with his speech, and grateful that he loves my daughter so much that he would ask for her by name without prompting! Thank you for the videos, they are precious! :)